After i have moved to Montenegro, i became quite active user of Facebook. There are a lot of groups on Facebook connecting russian speaking people living in Montenegro.

They communicate on different parts of living in foreign country: selling goods, transfer between cities, renting a car and a lot more.

Quite fast i’ve tired constantly refreshing facebook page waiting for some interested post with goods and services i need, and thought about app to watch for some keywords that it can find in group and notify my.

Thats how “Watch My Groups” was born.

As i have a lot of tasks on my main job, application development was quite slow, before one guy in one of facebook groups asked if there is such app. If someone other need it, app was finished quite fast.

Its available on Google Play and you can find it using this link

Now it can search only through open facebook groups due to limitation on facebook API, but if there is some admins of closed groups, it will be technically possible to implement closed group search for other users.

App has quite simple UI.

First you need to login with facebook account. App does not request any publish permissions, only access to public profile.

Then touch action button to create search.

Start typing group name and select group from autocomplete dropdown:

And fill the term you want to subscribe to

When app found some posts you are looking for you can see them on the “Founds” tab

Get it on Google Play

Appreciate any feedback and propositions.