• Tetra Card Master Game released

    Tetra Card Master - my first android game released
  • Rails Clockworkd gem with capistrano and monit

    Clockworkd with monit and capistrano
  • Rails+Ember-cli Capistrano deploy

    Deploy rails + ember app with capistano
  • Посещение музея воды "Hydropolis"

    Посетили еще один музей в городе. Ожидали нечто большее. Самая интересная часть для ребенка была фигурная спадающая вода на входе и исторические приборы. Мне больше всего понравились модели кораблей, “скульптура” планеты и скафандр. Отлично провели время.

  • Encrypted API from android to rails part 2

    Second part of post about passing encrypted data from android client to rails server
  • Kolejkowo с сыном

    Крутая железная дорога в Польше
  • Про Польшу

    Начинаем про жизнь в Польше
  • Deep android project structure

    Inspired by Dmytro Danylyk post about using sourceSets to have deep project structure in android, i’ve written small gradle plugin to automate this task.

  • Load app hi-res icon

    Short snippet how to load hi-res icon of the app by its package name.

  • Android Gradle plugin sample

    Plugin will upload apk to distribution system after building release artifact.

  • Subscribe to Facebook groups with keywords

    Android app that handle new posts in Facebook groups based on keywords
  • Read custom attributes from activity

    Its quite small article about reading custom attributes from theme in Activity code.

  • Display RecyclerView sections like Android Lollipop contacts application

    One of my projects require to display sticky headers like Android Contacts app do on Android Lollipop.

  • Track outbound links to GA on jekyll

    Tracking outbound links on Jekyll blog
  • Signing android app for secure content provider

    Always was curious how to manage android keystore sertificates for multiple apps, either generate separate keystore file each time, or just use multiple alias in the same keystore.

  • Android UsageStatsManager sample

    Google has deprecated the function “getRecentTasks” of “ActivityManager” class. Now all it does is to get the list of apps that the current app has opened. But if you are writing app that “locks” access to specific apps with password or any other protection methods, you still need to be able to get top most activity/package to react accordingly to user changing current app and for example show your overlay.

  • Encrypted API from android to rails

    Working on remote logging system for android, I faced up with Google require not to send user information to remote system, as this violates section 4.3 of the Developer Distribution Agreement.

  • Sign multiple flavors with different keystores

    One of my projects has a lot of flavors, and each flavor has different keystore to sign with. As a result it has very long build.gradle project file. As each flavor need defining separate singningConfig and defining flavor signing on release buildType

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