Technologies: AR


Short description: Tetra Master game is played between two players on a four-by-four square grid of blank spaces, where cards are placed as the game progresses. Cards are pictured with various characters.

Short description: Lock screen and home screen widget displaying time, notification and calendar events from GoodDay Calendar app


Short description: Protect apps launch and photos with pin, pattern and fake custom covers.

Short description: App allow to detect and block malware, phishing, fraud and trackers domains from whole android device with VPN enabled    

Short description: Custom android keyboard with swipe input and plugins. Available plugins: Emoji VPN Dropbox Secure card storage YouTube search Google Search Kaboom

Date of completion: 01.10.2013

Short description: Sparksfly’s single screen and individualized AI engine enable anyone who uses more than one social network to keep up with ALL content and get ahead of its collective meaning.

Date of completion: 01.04.2013

Short description: Alert, Help, Stream in case of emergency

Date of completion: 01.08.2012


Short description: Show cards to discuss statements, ethical dilemmas and difficult situations in KS Company

Date of completion: 01.09.2012

Short description: Tourist app of Perpignan, France

Date of completion: 01.09.2012

Short description: Tourist app of Parthenay, France