Rails Clockworkd gem with capistrano and monit

Clockworkd with monit and capistrano

  1. Add gem

  1. Create *clock.rb

  1. Create task to control clockwork daemon lib/capistrano/tasks/clockworkd.rake

  1. Configure clockworkd options on deploy. config/deploy/staging.rb

  1. Deploy and start clockwork

bundle exec cap staging clockwork:start

  1. Install monit

sudo apt-get install monit

  1. Create clockwork service template. config/deploy/templates/clockwork_init.erb

  1. Create clockwork service tasks. lib/capistrano/tasks/clockwork.rake

  1. Template for monit controling clockwork daemon. config/deploy/templates/monit_clockworkd.erb

  1. Monit tasks. lib/capistrano/tasks/monit.rake



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